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work with us

Utility Partners

If your utility would like to supply customers with additional options for financial support, we are happy to work with you.  We will walk you through our program, provide you information you can share with your staff and customers, and work with you to see what other services we can bundle with our aid that may help your residents  get back on track (i.e. water audits)

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Corporate/Social Partners

AccessH2O can work with corporate and/or social initiative organizations to support specific geographic locations or customer groups targeted to your organization.  So, (example) if you are a veterans group in Tempe wanting to specifically sponsor / support other veterans in Tempe with their water bills, we will work with your organization and the utility to develop a program that meets those needs.  

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Media / Research Partners

AccessH2O dedicates substantial time to working with media, universities and other research partners to provide input and context on the issues of water affordability and water shut-off.  If you wish to discuss your upcoming project or require information for your article or study on the impacts of water shut-off, please let us know.

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